React, ES6, and Repos to Watch: Show Notes

ES6 or React?

Learning React: Is This ES6 or React? – Kball

How React Reconciliation Works

I wrote about this on my blog but I’ll need to change some things after speaking with Dan Abramov, you know, the creator of REACT. How React Reconciliation Works | CSS-Tricks

Build Your Own Projects

This repo is a definite must watch. danistefanovic/build-your-own-x: 🤓 Build your own (insert technology here)

Build Your Own Front-end Library/Framework

  • Build a JSX renderer
  • Reverse Engineer React
  • How to Write your own Virtual DOM
  • A DIY to build your own React

 Build Your Own Neural Network

  • Neural Network implementation in JavaScript by example
  • Neural Networks from scratch for JavaScript linguists

Remote Software Jobs Are Increasingly Tough to Get

Here are the top tips I’ve used to land a remote software developer job – Colin Morgan

Kent C. Dodds on Twitch

Kent C. Dodds Blog

Frontend Masters Free Courses (Only available until May 24th)


New Direction for the Show

less than 1 minute read

After much thought and listening to pretty much the entire back catalog for Developing Perspective, I have decided to go in a new direction.

Memorial Day? No Show

less than 1 minute read

The holiday is a perfect time for me to not have a show, seeing as I didn’t prepare while setting up my Jekyll sites.

Hello Wo- No.

less than 1 minute read

This ain’t your high school CS podcast. It isn’t a podcast yet at all.

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